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Oct. 15, 2018

Texas Hill Country Small Land Sales Report 2018 | Texas Premier Ranch Realty

Texas Small Land Sales Report 2018 | Texas Premier Ranch Realty

Report courtesy of the Texas Association of Realtors®. 

The report linked below covers the entire Texas small land market (small land parcels defined as tracts of 49 or fewer acres). 

Region 7 includes the Texas hill country and begins on page 19 of the document.

Region 6 includes South Texas and begins on page 17 of the document.

Access the Texas Small Land Sales Report here



Oct. 8, 2018

Laws on Fencing and Livestock in Texas

Recently there has been a case reviewed by the San Antonio Court of Appeals involving a motorist and a bull. The case covers both sides as it pertains to fencing and livestock as well as what landowners need to have in place to protect themselves and motorists. Motorist can be severely hurt from running into livestock on a highway and this case lays out several good points to look at as livestock and landowners. To learn more about this case and how it pertains to your livestock and fencing click here. 


Laws on Fencing and Livestock in Texas | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale

Oct. 4, 2018

The Possibility of El Nino and What it Means for Winter 2018 and Spring 2019.

A typical El Niño usually results in a warmer northern tier of the U.S. and a wetter southern tier. The images below show the risk of drier/wetter or warmer/cooler conditions during a typical El Niño winter. Learn more about trends and what is expected here. 


The Possibility of El Nino and What it Means for Winter 2018 and Spring 2019.  | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale




Sept. 26, 2018

Summer Drought Lowers Wildlife Numbers for Hunting Season

Drought conditions throughout much of the state this summer likely will mean lower wildlife numbers this hunting season. Deer, quail and turkey numbers will be affected. Fewer forbs and reduced nutritional value in browse and other food crops along with typical predation are contributing factors. Learn more about hunting conditions for this season here.

Summer Drought Lowers Wildlife Numbers for Hunting Season | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale


Sept. 19, 2018

September Weather Report for Texas

The rains this past week were great across the state but be on the watch for armyworms in your hay pastures especially your coastal Bermuda fields. Armyworms can devour grass quicker than almost any other pest so be very diligent in watching for them in your fields. Learn about your regions weather here.


September Weather Report | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches For Sale

Sept. 18, 2018

Texas Hill Country Ground Water | The Hard Truth


Traci calls me a coffee snob, but I prefer the term “fan.”


Specifically, I like a triple Americano with a touch of coconut oil take the edge off. Also, in case you are wondering (and if you are an espresso fan, I know you are), I DON’T use espresso roast for my espresso, I use Ruta Maya medium roast coffee beans; freshly milled seconds before the shots are pulled.

Espresso Shot | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale

By the way, this has everything to do with groundwater in the Texas hill country


By now you are probably thinking that I am very fond of my espresso machine. You would be correct. It’s a vintage 1993 Rancilio S-27, plumbed for water and drainage. Pure nineties Italian flair in the corner of our otherwise understated hill country kitchen around which the machine was designed.


Think day-glow red yoga pants at the summer revival meeting and you get a pretty good image of our setup.


A couple of months back, we took a ten thousand foot look at the geological history of the Texas hill country. Specifically, how the flow of the groundwater through the Karst bedrock was disrupted by the formation of the Balcones Escarpment, causing said water to carve out the hill country in relief as it created the iconic rivers and springs of the region.


It’s these same waters, infused with the minerals that are leached from the Karst limestone, present challenges to home and ranch owners in the Texas hill country.


Hard Water Residue | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale


Across the board, this “hard water” can create problems for plumbing systems and appliances (such as my S-27) in the form of lime scale that clogs plumbing and helps give soap scum its epoxy-like tenacity. It can wreck water heaters, calcify irons, and turn a great espresso machine into a sputtering, leaking, mineral-crusted pain in the kitchen.


Obviously, for folks contemplating a ranch or home purchase in the Texas hill country, it is a great idea to ask about its water softening appliances at the properties under consideration, if any; and to check about homeowner's experience with water in the specific area of the home or ranch.


Water treatment is a thriving industry in the Texas hill country, so finding professionals to improve water quality is rarely difficult. Usually, an over-the-counter water softener system is all that the property will require.


Water Softening Equipment | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale

Here’s the upside though: the treatment for minerals and subsequent filtering often produces terrific drinking water and by extension, a fantastic espresso shot.

Sept. 13, 2018

Affordable Hunting Land - Tarpley Texas


New to the Market!

Cordillera De Robles -103 Acre Medina County Ranch just south of Tarpley, TX.

Texas Premier Ranch Realty on Youtube.


Cordillera De Robles Ranch

Cordillera De Robles is a hunter’s paradise for those seeking tranquility only an hour and fifteen minutes from downtown San Antonio.

  • Offered in 2 Separate Tracts of 51 and 52 acres.
  • Breathtaking views of the Tarpley and Utopia Hills
  • Multiple Cleared Building Sites
  • End of the road Solitude and Tranquility
  • Quail, Dove, Deer, Turkey, Exotic and Hog Hunting

To get more information on this incredible property including a full interactive map and pictures click the link below. 

For more information on this property.
​Zachary Biermann | REALTOR® 
Aug. 28, 2018

Next Generation of Texas Rancher

Trey Denny knows the ups and downs of the cattle business. The ups: Five years into the trade, he's accumulating acreage, building commercial and show-cattle herds and selling Charolais-Angus cross show steers to 4-H and FFA kids in his home county in East Texas and elsewhere. Learn more about how young ranchers are buying ranches here. 

Next Generation of Texas Ranchers | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale

Aug. 21, 2018

What is the Texas Hill Country?


Finally, after 12 years and three attempts, my climbing partner Reg and I were standing on the summit of Kit Carson Peak in southern Colorado.


It was a glorious day. Clear. No wind. One more Colorado 14er marked off the list.


All that was left was to glissade down the softening snow field we had climbed in the early morning hours, pack up, and head back to the trail head.


But first, since it was the first time in 2 days we had any cell phone reception; I decided to share the victorious moment with my lovely bride.  (FYI, there is great cell phone coverage when you are standing at 14,000+ feet in Colorado).


Me: “Traci, we made the summit!”


Traci; in a tone that was at once unimpressed, irritated, and smirkingly vengeful: “Great. By the way, there’s water coming out of our foundation in the laundry room. Also, you have a new puppy.”


Now my home outside of Boerne is a long way from the airport in Amarillo, and Amarillo is a long way from the trailhead in Crestone. And from the summit of Kit Carson peak, we were a good 6 hours from the trailhead factoring in breaking high camp.


The point is, plumbing events create other events...and problems. These are events and problems that puppies can’t solve.


Which brings me to the topic of the geological history and personality of the Texas hill country.


But first let’s talk about plumbing problems and related events a bit more.


Many hill country homes, like ours, are built on concrete foundations. Water lines criss cross their way through the concrete to service kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and bars...lots of water pipes snaking under foot towards their destination. Sometimes, though, the route gets disrupted. This can cause puppy-proof problems of the variety I experienced as I descended Kit Carson Peak and headed home.


Now, back to the Texas country.  Imagine for a moment a very large foundation with lots of water pipes snaking through it from the northwest to the southeast. Smooth, level, fairly featureless. Somewhat stable north and west of a curving line running more or less diagonally across it. Not so stable south and east of said curving line.


By very large, I mean that it covers a general area of the Texas coast northwest towards the Pecos River. That’s a big foundation, big enough that part of the stable portion of the slab will become what we now know as the Texas hill country.


The Balcones Fault Line | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale


Now imagine adding some geological dynamics to this foundation which place a large amount of stress on the less stable portion. Add to this imagined foundation the aforementioned curving line that roughly describes the path now occupied by Interstate 35 as it extends from Del Rio to Dallas. Finally, imagine there is enough stress placed on the less stable portion that it fractures along this curve and bends down, like a hinge, towards what is now the Gulf of Mexico.


Fortunately, our foundation leak back home wasn’t caused by such a break or we would have really had a problem. But suppose it did, in which case some pipes would break and others would pinch thus causing outflows along the break and random leaks in other areas of the stable foundation.


However, in the case of the hinge-like break that created the Balcones Fault, the happy consequences for those of us who are blessed to call the Texas hill country home are akin to getting a new puppy...on a recurring basis.


One such happy consequence occured in the formation of the San Antonio, Comal, and San Marcos rivers along with numerous destination springs along the break such as Barton Springs and Salado Springs. Additionally, further northwest on the foundation, artesian springs popped up as their flow was impinged by the break along the Balcones Fault line.


Over time, the rivers along the fault line began eroding their way back into the stable Karst limestone foundation while the springs further west and northwest that emerged from the impinged southeast flow, bubbled to the surface, and etched their way through the softer limestone as they worked their way towards the break point along the Balcones Escarpment...springs that contributed to the formation of rivers such as the Frio, Nueces, and Guadalupe.


Texas Hill Country River Tubing | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale


Which brings us to another happy consequence: the formation of the namesake hills of the region.


In fact, it’s sort of helpful to think of the Texas hill country as a landscape that has been carved out in bais relief; courtesy of the disrupted aquifer flow caused by the Balcones Fault, with Karst Limestone acting as the medium and water as the tool in the hand of the sculptor.


Texas Hill Country Topography | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale


There are other happy consequence and related unhappy consequences related to the big break.


One such happy consequence is that the relative higher elevation of the Balcones Escarpment acts to help destabilize moisture laden air masses traveling northwest from the Gulf of Mexico, helping to create rain events. These rain events recharge the Karst Limestone and the aquifers (such as the Edwards Aquifer) that the limestone creates, and; in normal weather patterns, recharged aquifers keep the rivers and springs, of the hill country flowing.


Rain Events in the Texas Hill Country | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale


Unhappily, these rain events can cause flash floods to occur. These can present hazards to travelers encountering low water crossings or who find themselves in a low lying area during a sudden, intense rain event.


Also, flash floods can bring a curse along with their blessings to land owners whose property is bisected by flash flood prone rivers, creeks and ravines.


A Texas Hill Country Flash Flood | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale


The curse takes the form water gaps along fence lines that cross these channels and the ongoing need to repair and replace them following flash flood events. Of course, another unhappy side effect of this particular headache comes in the form of rounding up livestock from neighboring properties who have wandered through the open gaps in search of the proverbial greener grass.


Speaking of greener grass, the wandering livestock might be disappointed if they travel up the surrounding hills. What little topsoil we have in the hill country tends to migrate down to the ravines, creek beds and river valleys. Hardscrabble up top, fertile down low. Just one example of the extremes of the Texas hill country.


The extremes of the Texas hill country. That topic could fill a whole book.


I finally made it off the mountain, broke camp, hiked to the trailhead, found some good San Luis Valley Mexican food, drove to Amarillo, and grabbed a plane back home.


There I discovered find my foundation issue wasn’t as geologically interesting as the events that led to the formation of the Texas hill country; but in terms of catastrophic events, the puppy was a whole different story…


By the way. If you want to learn more about the geology and history of the Texas hill country and surrounding areas, please consider the resources below. Good information and great reading:


Hardscrabble: Observations on a Patch of Land


Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History


The Untold Story of the Lower Colorado River Authority

Aug. 14, 2018

Cattle Grazing and Land Management

Consumer perceptions could be changing as a shift in reporting about beef favors cattle grazing as an important part of land management. There are some interesting facts in this article about how tides may be shifting in the consumers eyes. Learn more about this shift here.

Cattle Grazing and Land Management | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches For Sale